Author: Robikki

Future Trends: Urban Air Mobility UAM

Aircraft designers, automakers, and tech companies are designing vehicles for the future, and it is called: Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and VTOL. Yes, the flying car is real and a flying taxi is on it’s way to a city near you around 2025 or so. A new era in air travel will be begin around […]

1950’s Firebird Concept Cars

Harley Earl of General Motors called them “Dream Cars” what he invented was the idea of the “concept car” between 1950-1959. He designed futuristic forward thinking innovations. GM and Harvey Earl predicted auto pilot, navigation, computers, cameras, video display, retractable headlights, cup holders, four wheel disc brakes, turbine motors, and numerous other innovations in the […]

Legends: Harley J. Earl

Harley J. Earl (November 22, 1893 – April 10, 1969) was an American automotive designer and business executive. He is known as the inventor of the Chevrolet Corvette and eventually became the the head of design at General Motors, later becoming vice president. He is credited as the first person to “design” the first automobile that was not […]

Luxury Premium Sedans of Cadillac and Lincoln

1961 Cadillac 4-Door Hardtop While the 1961 Cadillac looked entirely different from its 1960 predecessor, it remained very similar mechanically. The biggest change was a new front frame, which lowered the tubular X-member chassis to give more seat height and head room. The 1961 Cadillac engine was basically the 331-cid ohv V-8 of 1949 bored and stroked to 390 […]